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Source & Direction

Destiny Sun is a music project that's rising on the California Central Coast, one of the richest sources of ecletic and independent musical talent in the West Coast. This legendary region defiantly straddles the edge of America. It is a place where imagination, progressive idealism, and artistic genius challenge the world on its own uncompromising terms.

The Destiny Sun music project is a collaborative awakening that celebrates the human experience and our revolutionary potential for transformation both of an individual and community level. It is a unifying sound that insistently pushes back against the reactionary dogmas, outdated paradigms, and petty tribalism of our age. 

Destiny Sun's melodies celebrate and explore the human story and experience. Archetypes of legend and real people dance passionately through Destiny Sun's songs and words. At times, listeners experience a hint of Celtic mysteries and Greco-Roman mythic imagery in lyrics that become subtly mystical and moving. They also bear witness to an insistent and pressing demand for justice, abundance, and freedom for all human beings.


Destiny Sun's sound is deeply authentic. It speaks its truth with real sincerity. A genuine understanding of the human heart and condition is interwoven through deep and meaningful lyrics. Destiny Sun is a child of many parents. Vital musical influences include Infected Mushroom, Depeche Mode, The Doors, INXS, and David Bowie.


One never knows quite to what expect from Destiny Sun, especially during a live performance. At times, the music is a dynamic and driving celebration of the masculine force. Other times, it can be downtempo as it delves deep into the mysteries of the human experience.

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