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Led by Greg Souliotis whose work is a fusion of electronica and rock, the Destiny Sun music project is a rising star on the West Coast music scene. 

Destiny Sun’s work merges electro-rock with exquisitely trained baritone vocals. The result is a deeply meaningful and powerful sound that has been favorably compared to Infected Mushroom, INXS, David Bowie, The Doors, and Depeche Mode.

Curriculum Vitae:

Destiny Sun  performed at these fine festivals and music venues:



MYPRE Festival - The MPYRE Strikes back - Monterey, CA

Global Solutions Art and Music Festival - Monterey, CA

Jessie Street Festival - Santa Cruz, CA


Music Venues:

Poet and Patriot, Santa Cruz, CA 

The Blue Lagoon. Santa Cruz, CA 

Winters Tavern, Pacifica, CA 

Back Bar, San Jose, CA

Mowbray's, Santa Cruz, CA 

Abbott Square, Santa Cruz, CA 

The 418 Project, Santa Cruz, CA 

KAVA, San Francisco, CA 

Art Boutiki, San Jose, CA 

Cafe Subrosa, Santa Cruz, CA 

Britannia Arms, Cupertino, CA ,

Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA 

Henfling's Tavern- Ben Lomond, CA

Roxa Cafe, Santa Cruz, CA

Melo Melo, Santa Cruz, CA

Greg Souliotis of Destiny Sun has also performed as a vocalist with non-Destiny Sun related musical projects at:

Severino’s, Aptos, CA.

The Reef, Santa Cruz, CA

Forte, Scotts Valley, CA

Semper Hall, Aptos, CA

Neck of the Woods in San Francisco, CA

   Contact - Greg Souliotis  

          (408) 621-2428

 "Let The Magic Begin". With the incomparable electronic artistry and mastery of Sylvain Montenegro, a rising star in the constellation of California producers, the magic truly begins in this stellar arrangement. 

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